The Desert Nomads


Tal’Yasha, a Magnitude 3 Dominion [A Tribal Theocracy]
Military: 1 [Small Standing Defense Force]
Government: 4 [Rigid Well Developed Caste System]
Culture: 2 [Deep Seated Religion]


Military [Desert adapted military mostly consisting of skirmishers and other unorthodox troops feared by nearby nations for their fervent devotion to their god and nation]
Archery: 0 [Desert Limits Siege Capabilities]
Melee: 1 [Small But Well Trained Conventional Strike Force]
Presence: 2 [Religious Zealots +2] [Feared As Unflinching Religious Zealots]
Resistance: 1 [Desert Fortifications Prove Difficult]
Thrown: 2 [Desert Skirmishers +3] [Masters of Light Force Desert Tactics, Raiding and Unorthodox Combat]
War: 1 [Limited Traditional Military Leadership]
Ride: 1 [Traveling Caravans on the Open Desert]
Sail: 0 [No Access to Water]

Government [A zealous caste-based government that believes that the ends always justify the means and that everyone should keep to the roles they have been assigned]
Awareness: 1 [Desert Scouts +2] [Limited Merchant Spy Network, But Robust Military Scout Network]
Bureaucracy: 2 [Limited Theocratic Governmental Oversight]
Investigation: 1 [Fervor Sometimes Blinds Government To Betrayal]
Larceny: 3 [Questionable Negotiations +1] [Skilled Merchant Caste Handles Most Negotiations]
Medicine: 0 [Limited Empathy for Nearby Heretics]
Stealth: 1 [Traveling Priesthood]
Linguistics: 0 [No Formal Linguistics Training Outside Priesthood]

Culture [Deeply religious nation under the aegis of the Temple of Ahura, with the Caste system keeping a strong balance of workers and thinkers]
Athletics: 1 [Worker Caste Lends Strength to the Nation]
Craft: 1 [Artisan Caste Produces Limited Goods for Trade]
Integrity: 3 [Temple of Ahura +3] [All Abyssin Turn to the Eternal Flame and Pray at Least 4 Times A Day, Instilling a Strong Sense of National Identity]
Lore: 2 [Vizer Caste are Well Learned and Dedicated to Scientific and Magical Advancement]
Occult: 2 [Priest Caste Keep Council with the Desert Spirits and the God Ahura]
Martial Arts: 2 [The Harsh Desert Weeds Out the Weak]
Performance: 1 [Religious Doctrine is Well Known Through the Nation]
Survival: 2 [Merchant Caste Keeps the Nation Working Smoothly]

Compassion 2
Conviction 3
Temperance 3
Valor 2
Virtue Flaw: Temperance
Current Limit: 2
Willpower: 6
Bonus Points: 15
External Bonus Points: 0

Bonus Points Spend On:
4th Dot of Government 4
Specialties in Awareness 2
Specialties in Thrown 3
Specialties in Integrity 3
Specialties in Larceny 1
Specialties in Presence 2

Resources of Note:
Herd Animals
Large Game Animals
Opium [Rich Supply]
Copper Ore
Tin Ore
Iron Ore
Fire Dust [Untapped Resource]


The Tal’Yashian’s also called Abyssin are group deeply religious nomadic desert tribes who worship the Sun Arisen from Death who they call Ahura. They are very insular and not a lot is known about their traditions outside of their traveling priests who are known to make long journeys into the deep desert near the pole of fire, and better known for those priests actually returning. They require a lot of space and have come into conflict with some of the local trading groups over the few oasis that form deep in the desert. They would need more fertile ground to grow and a deep paradigm shift from their nomadic lifestyle.

Tal’Yasha’s main source of trade is Opium but this is only lightly traded and mostly for food to supplement the lack of agriculture within the nation, this trade could easily be expanded in the future as Tal’Yasha produces more than a small excess of the crop which grows well in the climate.

Coinage in Tal’Yasha is made of Bronze and issued by the Temple of Ahura, but they took Regu’s silver at a not terrible rate, meaning they probably have some understanding of the value of coinage from other nations.

Cities of Note
Abyssin [Magnitude 2 City] (Capital)
—Contains the seat of the nation, the Temple of Ahura Risen and is the only static city within the nation with permanent housing.
Al-Lat [Magnitude 2 City]
Manat [Magnitude 2 City]
Al-Uzza [Magnitude 2 City]
—Supports the mining within Tal’Yasha including an iron mine, copper, and tin mines.


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