Terra Nova

The Free Pirates


Terra Nova, a Magnitude 3 Dominion [Independent Federation]
Military: 3 [Pirate Fleet]
Government: 1 [Loose Federation of Independent Captains]
Culture: 3 [Deep Seated Sea Faring Culture]

Abilities: 30

Military [Sea based raiding culture with access to basically anywhere you can get a ship to with their advanced tall ships and skilled crews]
Archery: 1 [Some Ships are Mounted with the Rare Fire Cannon or other Siege Weapon]
Melee: 2 [Trained Marines on Almost Every Ship]
Presence: 3 [Pirates +2] [Well Known Throughout the Western Seas as Pirates and Rogues]
Resistance: 1 [Light Harbor Fortifications are Common]
Thrown: 1 [Raiding +1] [Engages in Coastal Raiding and Interception of Sea Trade Lanes]
War: 2 [Skilled Captains Capable of Independent Operations]
Ride: 0 [No Real Reason to Move Inland]
Sail: 3 [Tall Ships +2] [Massive Modern Tall Ships Give Terra Nova Unsurpassed Mobility]

Government [Decentralized government with independent actors and shady deals all around]
Awareness: 1 [News from Trading and Raiding Vessels Makes Up Most of the Incoming Information, and Most of It Can Be Considered Suspect of Worth]
Bureaucracy: 1 [Council of the Pirate Lords Can Be Called By Anyone with a Coin of Office]
Investigation: 0 [Everyone is Waiting to Stab Everyone in the Back]
Larceny: 3 [Illegal Trade +1] [Access to All the Worst Markets of Creation]
Medicine: 0 [Not a Charity Organization]
Stealth: 1 [Snitches and Courtesans Only]
Linguistics: 1 [Trade in a Sometimes Convoluted Mishmash of Languages]

Culture [Fiercely Independent national identity with a honor amongst thieves mentality and skilled traders and artisans]
Athletics: 1 [The Sea Life Isn’t for the Weak]
Craft: 3 [Shipcraft +2] [Master Shipcrafters and Artisans]
Integrity: 0 [Pirate’s Code +2] [“Take what you can, give nothing back”]
Lore: 1 [Sea Apprenticeships are the Dream of Every Child in Terra Nova]
Occult: 1 [Elementals +1] [Belief in a Complex Pantheon of Elemental Gods makes up the Primary Religion of the Nation]
Martial Arts: 3 [Fiercely Independent and Armed Population]
Performance: 0 [Not Really Big On The Talking]
Survival: 1 [Extensive Transport Network of Pirate and Merchant Ships Keep Terra Nova Supplied]

Compassion 2
Conviction 3
Temperance 1
Valor 4
Virtue Flaw: Valor
Current Limit: 2
Willpower: 7
Bonus Points: 0
External Bonus Points: 15

Bonus Points Spend On:
3rd Dot of Military 4
Specialties in Sail 2
Specialties in Presence 2
Specialties in Thrown 1
Specialties in Larceny 1
Specialties in Craft 2
Specialties in Occult 1
Specialties in Integrity 2

Resources of Note:
Soft Wood
Hard Wood
Copper Ore
Tin Ore
Game Animals
Natural Fruits


Terra Nova is a small island nation of humans deep in the waters of the west about 500 miles south of the Neck. It consists mainly of sea faring pirates and their families, they worship a complex pantheon of elemental gods. They are known locally for their piratical attitudes and their love of freedom, as well as for the superb construction of their ships. They are heavily vested in their craft, be it pirating or building ships, and their religion. The bonds of brotherhood bind the pirates to one another, but their love of freedom prevents the forming of a strong government. They are a rather aggressive nation and will likely find themselves in contention with the local isles one way or another. They as of current lack access to Iron Ores for smelting into more advanced weapons.

The Pirate Lords Captain Aurora Waverider Captain Iselesi Shaia Captain Sinious Ur and Captain Darius Black seem to rule the surprisingly lush islands, with each taking port in one of the main cities of Terra Nova. The government itself seems extremely decentralized with each Captain making their own rules.

Captain Waverider took Captain Iselesi into confidence and revealed to her the location and functionality of Acquacitta, The Sunken Fortress which for the forseeable future appears to be the home port for the Setting Sun and the Maelstrom and their crews.

Cities of Note
Haven [Magnitude 2 City] (Capital)
Port Calm [Magnitude 2 City]
Westernmark [Magnitude 2 City]
Port North [Magnitude 2 City]

Terra Nova

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