Golden Iris

The Coven of Witches


Golden Iris, a Magnitude 3 Dominion [A Matralineal Magocracy]
Military: 1 [Small Standing Army]
Government: 2 [Close-knit Matriarchal Society]
Culture: 4 [Strong Sense of Identity]


Military [An almost non-existent standing military, mostly consisting of militia equip with farming tools]
Archery: 1 [Limited Caster Based Siege Capabilities]
Melee: 0 [No Standing Military Outside Guards]
Presence: 0 [No Attempts at Force Projection At All]
Resistance: 1 [Skilled Crafters Even If Not Geared To War]
Thrown: 0 [No Skirmishers to Speak Of]
War: 1 [Minimal Understanding of the Culture of War]
Ride: 2 [Access to Horse Relays and Trained Mounts]
Sail: 0 [Limited Water Access]

Government [An inward looking government steeped in supernatural abilities and bent on keeping it’s secrets, magical or otherwise well hidden]
Awareness: 1 [Supernatural Scrying +2] [Strong Supernatural Scouting Techniques]
Bureaucracy: 0 [Internal Politics +2] [Almost No Attempts at Communication with Other Nations]
Investigation: 3 [Order of the Golden Iris +2] [Dedicated to Keeping the Secrets of the Order]
Larceny: 0 [Well Disciplined Government]
Medicine: 1 [Limited Resources to Devote to Other Nations]
Stealth: 3 [Unorthodox Negotiation Techniques]
Linguistics: 1 [Almost all Women are at Least Bilingual]

Culture [A strong cultural tradition based on the teachings of the Order of the Golden Iris Most Magnificent with a focus on supernatural abilities, training and thamaturgical crafting]
Athletics: 0 [Academic Excellence over Physical]
Craft: 3 [Thamaturgical Creations +1] [Skilled Thamaturgical Crafters]
Integrity: 3 [The Roll of Names +1] [Immense National Pride]
Lore: 3 [Magical Training +3] [Strong Magical Training for Even The Least Magical]
Occult: 3 [Ingrained Understanding of the Nature of Magic]
Martial Arts: 0 [No Focus on Physical Training]
Performance: 2 [Skilled Order Orators]
Survival: 2 [Control of Modern Farming Techniques]

Compassion 3
Conviction 3
Temperance 2
Valor 2
Virtue Flaw: Conviction
Current Limit: 1
Willpower: 6
Bonus Points: 15
External Bonus Points: 0

Bonus Points Spend On:
4th Point of Culture 4
Specialties in Lore 3
Specialties in Bureaucracy 2
Specialties in Awareness 2
Specialties in Investigation 2
Specialties in Craft 1
Specialties in Integrity 1

Resources of Note:
Hard Wood
Exotic Wood
Mind Affecting Substances
Copper Ore
Game Animals
Herd Animals
Natural Fruits
Quarried Stone


The Order of the Golden Iris Most Magnificent is the dominating magical power within the 4 cities collectively known under the aegis of the Golden Iris, it’s powerful sorcerers even within the seemingly mundane population have scholars wondering if there might not be a darker or fairer backing behind the Golden Iris but no one has been able to pierce deep enough to find out which is true or even if there is anything other than comprehensive testing of all even slightly magically inclined girls which has lead to the Golden Iris’ extreme magical power. While not extremely strong physically most of the nations around the Golden Iris are loath to attack them, fearful of that which they can’t see rather than that which they can see. Although with other magical powers nearby Golden Iris has a supernatural challenge ahead of it if it wishes to expand beyond it’s borders which leave little room for expansion.

The Order of the Golden Iris Most Magnificent, the ruling force in Golden Iris, apparently consists only of women, with men playing a labor role within the society. The rule of law seems to be derived from a codex called “The Golden Plan”. Although she wouldn’t discuss it in public, Aimee Song allowed Spirit’s Voice to view a large moonsilver book referred to as the Roll of Names, contained within was a detailed genealogy of every person within the nation back hundreds of generations. Within the eyes of the nation being unlisted in the Roll of Names is tantamount to not existing. The Jester is now apparently listed in the Roll. Due to recent events it is clear that the Roll of Names resists editing, although it just may have been beyond the capabilities of Vanessa Long.

There are elements within the Order of the Golden Iris which question the Golden Plan, which has turned out to be a massive eugenics program to create or perhaps recreate a perfect magical human. The plan itself has a very strong meaning to most of the nation but can be harsh to those caught outside the loop.

The City of Iridaceae is lain out in an amazingly complex arcane pattern, in concentric rings, which apparently plays some role in the prevalence of Essence lighting throughout the city. The city apparently also lacks a standing army and any defensive structures at all. The other cities also appear to follow the same mold. What the party originally thought were watchtowers around the city are apparently part of the essence network, binding circles which contain a shadow assassin demon that works as an essence battery to power the cities they are renewed every summer with a group rite involving at least one magus and several initiates. These demons can escape if the towers are damaged and this has apparently happened in the past as the Order had contingency plans in place when it happened recently during a visit of the circle. The deaths due to the escape, and other such escapes, are considered a small price to pay for the use of the many essence powered utilities that the nation enjoys.

The Tower of Iridaceae appears to the be the hub of the government of Golden Iris, and contains a library of arcane lore that extends well beyond the normal scope of any library that Afsheen had ever visited before, some of the books would be considered priceless on the open market, and they all seem to be in good condition with many well hand copies made from the originals for reading.

Doll with Heart of Iron seems to bear some ill will towards the nation but it is unclear what sort, she was the instigator of the events at Petalspirit, providing the coin to hire the mercenaries and the whispered word that pushed Vanessa to action.

Cities of Note
Iridaceae [Magnitude 2 City] (Capital)
Flowerheart [Magnitude 2 City]
Petalspirit [Magnitude 2 City]
Goldennight [Magnitude 2 City]

Golden Iris

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